Say Bye to Cold Floors

We have been putting up with cold flooring for hundreds of years. Its a problem that seems like no one has ever bothered to address. Instead of working on a way to not have cold flooring other items such as socks and footwear have been invented for your home so your feet are not not cold. Today we finally have a solution to cold flooring so there isn’t any need for footwear whilst in your own home.

The solution is under floor heating. Yes, underfloor heating. Such a simple idea yet so effective. What under floor heating does is heats up your floor by flowing warm water though a system of piping beneath your flooring thus generating enough heat to keep your floors warm and heat up your entire room too from the ground up. This new solution is really convenient as you do not need a boiler or the radiators you previously had in your home. You can also save a substantial amount of money per month whilst having under floor heating installed.

Luxury Hot Tubs For Less

Are you tired of not  getting the full relaxation out of a long soak in the bath? Have you had a very long and tiring day and you are looking for a new way to relax? Or are you simply just looking for a new way to relief stress? If one of those scenarios relate to you great! If not you can still continue reading as I might go over something that will interest you.

hot tubs tamworth


If you are in need of true deep muscle relaxing then I would advise you to purchase a hot tub. Hot tubs are a great way to relax your body. The controlled warm jets of water are specifically designed to target those tired worn out areas while the warm bubbling water surrounding your body cleanses and relaxes you. Hot tubs come with various seating arrangements and layouts tailored to relaxation unlike your everyday bathtub. I recently purchased a hot tub myself. It is perfect for relaxing and having a great time with your friends. The hot tub that I purchased come with a compartment to place my glasses. Perfect for a having a drink with your mates. I highly advise you purchase a hot tub, there are many hot tubs for sale so I would advise searching online for the best deals.

Why Clean Your Duct Systems?

So the question is, why clean your duct systems? I am going to answer this query using only facts.


Here are a few reasons why you should keep your ducts clean by getting ductwork cleaning:

Fact 1: A shocking 9 out of 10 systems failures are caused by dirt and dust.

Fact 2: Most people spend around 60-90% of their time indoors, the air quality indoors is found to be 70x more polluted than the air outdoors!

Fact 3: Diseases such as Legionnaire’s started off in ducts and had killed many people. This disease also spread though kitchen ducts and infected many people. (kitchen duct cleaning is vital)

Fact 4: 50% of all illnesses are effected by the poor quality of the polluted air.

Fact 5: Clean ventilation systems can restore capacity while lessoning the running time.


If you are still not convinced? Take a look at this picture below. This could be how your ducts look right now!


Do not let the quality of the air you breathe affect the quality of your health and others around and get your ducts inspected as soon as you can. It is very important.


Eco Friendly Sewage Disposal

I am a owner of , I would like to say, a very successful hotel and restaurant. My hotel & restaurant has been rated 4.3 out 5 and for that I am very happy as today competitive market trying to get recognised can be very tough.

As you may know the sheer size of my property and how many people will accommodate these rooms plus the amount of bathroom usage of each hotel room. The hotel itself starts accumulate a lot of sewage. I feel guilty and I cannot get rid of waste the usual way that people dispose of it through sewage pipes that lead into disposal site. I decided I would fit in a sewage treatment plant.

What a sewage treatment plant does is it breaks down the sewage and turns it into a liquid that is safe and perfectly legal to drain into the sea. This was a great idea and perfect for my needs and I wont feel guilty.

I was also told that I could have purchased a septic tank for my restaurant but I wasn’t sure it would fit my needs as much as the sewage treatment plant.

Moving Abroad

I have been interested in moving abroad for a very long time now but I haven’t committed myself to go through with it yet because I knew once crucial thing for me would be to learn the native language of the country I will be moving to because that will have a huge impact on how I settle in the country itself.

The country I want to move to is France. Luckily for me learning french isn’t too hard it is in fact one of the easier languages to learn so that is a bonus. I had to just try and motivate myself to learn it and take the time out from work just to learn the language. I found a tutor not too far away from my home who was really good and helped me all the way. I can now speak fluently in French and I am currently gathering everything I need and finalising agreements so I can head out to one of my favourite countries and enjoy French culture to the max.

Why Switch to Underfloor Heating?

Make the switch today I did and I will never go back! Continue reading for further information on why you should too.

There are many reasons why you should switch to underfloor heating, but here are a few reasons that might also appeal to you. The underfloor heating heats up your entire room from the ground up rather than gradually spreading from certain places like wall radiators. When you switch the wall radiators are removed and all the heating is hidden underneath and out of the way. This will free up more space for you to play with. As well as having warm room you will also have warm floors too. By making the switch you can also save around 15 – 30% on heating bills.

Make the most of your heating today!

Fresh Air

Breathing fresh clean air is vital for our well being. Having poor duct work and even dirty dirty ducts will have a negative effect on the quality of the air we breathe.

So you should get your ducts clean out. De-duct are a fully qualified duct work cleaning specialist who offer a quality service at a good value. It is important that you employ a professional duct cleaning company to ensure a high quality job is done.

De-duct can also clear the air we breathe from medical rooms to nursing homes and offices.

Going Away This Summer?

If you’re heading out on a holiday this summer then there’s plenty of destinations you may have to choose from, and finding that warm weather may not be so difficult with some cities in Europe reaching around 40 degrees celsius so it’s definitely time to top up your tan!

But one thing a lot of us struggle with is being able to speak the language in a foreign country, and expect them all to be able to speak English! But learning a language can be fun through a variety of language lessons. There are plenty of solutions out there that help people learn a new language, and it can be fun as well as helping you on your way to speaking a second tongue.

language lessons

Check out The Language Machine for the best tuition and lessons in the UK. They offer services nationwide for a host of languages including Spanish, German, French and more so it’s definitely worth taking a look at their site!

Save Money on Your Heating Bill

We’re always looking to cut down our annual costs and reduce our monthly outgoings, firstly to relieve stress and secondly give us more financial freedom to buy the things we want and visit the places we’ve always wanted to visit. But reducing these bills can prove more difficult than you thought, but I have recently made a change in my home that over the last year has saved me hundreds of pounds.

Having recently struggled with my boiler until it finally packed in and gave up on me at the end of last year, so instead of paying the ridiculous price I was quoted to get it replaced I decided to invest in underfloor heating as I had heard from a good friend of mine that it was working extremely well in his home, and providing a fantastic heat source.

underfloor heating


The best part of it is where I have tiled flooring in my home, the underfloor system keeps this surface nice and warm, which makes it considerably more comfortable to walk on. The maintenance side of underfloor is great too, with it being considerably cheaper to maintain and run because it’s only pipework, as appose to an active boiler.

Mothers Day Jewellery

The rush for mother’s day presents is on with the big day hitting us this Sunday, and its important to put a big smile on your mum’s face this year with a really fantastic present that is going to live long in the memory, instead of the usual bunch of flowers from down the road that lasts a week, maybe two at best.

But you’re thinking jewellery is expensive and difficult to find the right piece for you, but it’s really not – you’ve just got to look in the right place for it! There’s a whole host of jewellery shops across the West Midlands such as Hamlington’s jewellers who have shops located in area’s such as Coventry, Leamington Spa and more! So there’s definitely going to be something that takes your fancy when you look around at some of the fantastic pieces on offer this year.

jewellery shops


A lot of us in the Midlands immediately think the infamous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is the best place to start the search for the best jewellery shops around, which is probably true – but don’t limit yourself just to here there are plenty of other shops around the Midlands such as Hamlington’s fine jewellery.

Dealing With Rodents in Your Home

When you have a pest problem it can cause some quite serious issues within your house including structural damage, infection and just being a general nuisance in your home. Dealing with these intruders on your own can be problematic depending on what they are, as there are so many different types of pest and rodent that this covers.

This is why we recommend getting a professional company such as e-pest control who offer pest control Birmingham in to help deal with any problems you may be having. When you try to tackle a pest problem on your own, you may only temporarily deal with it for a short period of time, or in some cases make things worse so it’s important to let professional people do their job and help you remove the issue.

pest control


Ensuring that the pest problem doesn’t return is the most crucial element of pest control, a lot of companies offer a service that removes the problem for the time being, but installing measures to make sure it doesn’t return is even more crucial.

A friend of mine was recently looking for a pest control company in Tamworth after having a huge problem with mice coming into their home through the garage, and this was persistent over a period of time. They got a fantastic service from e-pest control who swiftly and effectively removed the problem and it has not since returned.

A Jewellery Update

Today’s post we will be giving you an update an all things jewellery from our favourite place, the jewellery quarter Birmingham. This place is fantastic, set in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre and has some of the most interesting history and heritage in the jewellery trade.

Featuring a host of fine dining restaurants and bars to visit for a well set drink, alongside the largest collection of jewellery stores in Europe – who provide a host of beautiful pieces including some of the finest jewellery UK has to offer. There is a huge selection of wedding jewellery including diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings, alongside some smaller pieces which would make fantastic gifts for friends and family including gold earrings, bracelets, chains etc.

jewellery quarter birmingham

The quarter is also home to the museum of the jewellery quarter, set in the old smith & pepper manufacturing firm which closed its doors back in the 1980′s. It now is open to give an insight into some of the fantastic history this place has to offer, and how life was in the manufacturing industry in the quarter.

Ride In Style

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be riding along in the back of a limo with your head out of the sun roof, hair blowing in the wind, making peoples heads turn as you drive past dressed to impressed with your 9ct gold hoop earrings on from goldcraft?

Well now you can ride in style and turn your dreams into a reality! From a small fee you and your friends can hire a limo from limo hire Birmingham and travel in style in stretched hummers in different colours and a various fleet of other dreamed about cars.

Your Limo Hire


Turn up to prom making everyone jealous, turn up to your football presentation like a true sportman, turn up to your wedding like a princess. Turn up with limo hire

Complete Your Look With A Designer Watch

What’s a lonely wrist without a watch? Some of the finest jewellery pieces worldwide are from watchmakers who spend hundreds of man hours just on specific stages of timepiece production. If you look at some of the leading swiss watch brands such as Hublot, Rolex and more – they spend a lot of their time developing new in house movements for watches that have the same goal as a less expensive watch, but that’s what differentiates them.

The rise of automatic watches of recent has been huge due to kinetic movements being produced, which power and store energy in the watch without even having to have a battery – quite fantastic! A lot of designer watches these days focus around having cutting edge design and movement to differentiate from competitors.

designer watches


Why Make The Spa a Treat

A day out at the spa if you have ever been is quite something. With a variety of rooms, baths and wellness features to make you feel relaxed, detoxed and rejuvenated – and if you haven’t been to a spa before then you’ve been missing out all this time, but there’s still a chance to change that!

Today we will be focusing on hot tubs, and whether or not they are a worthwhile investment, Jim Green thinks so! These things are just heavenly, with a host of massaging and relaxation jets to make you feel completely at ease, you get the feeling as if you could literally sit there all day.

hot tubs tamworth


If you’re thinking of making a purchase to bring one of these beautiful pieces into your home, then taking an in depth look at hot tubs Tamworth will show you the variance that you can get within a jacuzzi.

With a huge range of features from jets down to lighting and water colour, you can really customise your hot tub to the point that you want it to the finest detail. Whether you decide to place it inside or outside with a cover to protect from dead tree leaves and other dirt, you won’t be making a mistake by purchasing one of these!

Birmingham: Inside

Welcome to our new blog, here we will be covering a wide range of topics with frequent updates and some huge news breaks coming before anyone else.

In our first topic we will be taking a look inside the UK’s second city, Birmingham. A vibrant place both day and night there is a lot that this city has to offer both those who live here and people travelling from all over the world.

jewellery quarter birmingham

With a host of attractions including the Bull Ring shopping centre, the NIA and for all you diamond lovers, the jewellery quarter Birmingham has some fantastic pieces on offer – well worth taking a look at!

The quarter has a lot of history on offer with over 250 years in the jewellery trade, there are still some family businesses left standing, providing one of the most authentic shopping experiences you will have when looking for jewellery.

With a wide range of silver and gold jewellery, alongside platinum and diamond wedding and engagement rings – it is quite stunning when you walk around the different shops in the quarter.

There is also a museum of the jewellery quarter, which gives an insight into what life was like in an old manufacturing plant across the 19th century.